All attorneys in Cotton & Pittman, LLC are dedicated to providing exceptional legal services to clients charged with a criminal offense in Kansas and the surrounding areas. A criminal arrest is a serious matter that should only be handled by a skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced attorney. In all criminal cases the stakes are high. You risk losing your freedom, your rights, and your good name. They understand what you are facing, and will do everything possible to protect your rights and help you avoid a criminal conviction.

For any criminal matter, it’s important to consult with an attorney who has vast experience in the courtroom and who knows criminal law inside and out. Before opening their practice, Casey Cotton and Quentin Pittman worked as public defenders, gaining extensive experience in criminal law. During that time they have handled over a thousand criminal cases, and gained invaluable knowledge, insight, and skill in the criminal process. As trial attorneys, they have had over a hundred jury trials that have lead to many successful outcomes. Whether a case involves a simple misdemeanor crime or a serious felony offense, they have what it takes to provide superior defense services from start to finish.

Clients can obtain representation for a wide range of offenses. Many kinds of cases are accepted, including those involving many felony and misdemeanor crimes, such as DUI, drug offenses, theft, traffic offenses, white collar crimes, assault & battery, domestic violence, probation violations, obstruction of justice, weapons charges, violent crimes, hit & run, juvenile crimes, prostitution, burglary, fleeing police, criminal trespass, robbery, public indecency, auto theft, shoplifting, public drunkenness.

Allegations for virtually any criminal offense, misdemeanor or felony, may have lasting detrimental consequences to a defendant and his or her family. In addition to facing the stress of dealing with criminal charges and a case in court, you are faced with the possibility of being sent to county jail or state prison if you are convicted. Additional criminal penalties may be enforced as well, including: fines, probation, sex offender registration, mandatory counseling, rehabilitation, or driver's license suspension. Dealing with these penalties in the present and also the burden of having a criminal record can be overwhelming. A criminal record may limit your opportunities in education, getting the job you want, and pursuing a successful professional career. These types of lasting effects can be avoided if an experienced criminal defense lawyer intervenes as soon as possible. When the stakes are this high, you need a heavyweight on your side fighting to even the playing ground.